Sunday, December 19, 2010

Special bag for a Special Day!

So one of my favorite bags I've made so far happen to be made for my little sister. She got married in September and I wanted to get her something special and unique as a shower gift. So I made her a bag. How did I come up with the colors? I called her one day and asked what her favorite colors were. She responded "I'm wearing a lot of teal and grey." Perfect I thought, that will make a really cute bag. So I started working on her surprise. I was about half way done when tragedy hit our family. Our uncle passed away from cancer after a very short battle. This sent me home (about 8 hours away) well before I had planned on returning for her wedding. I couldn't loose a weekend of knitting so I brought it with me. I sat one night working on it at the kitchen table when she walked by and said "I like those colors." I said  "Good, it's yours!" She was pretty excited. I was able to get it finished in time and even got to add a cute liner to go inside it. It's not the best sewing job so I've held back on lining the other ones I've made and sold.

One the day of her wedding, she used to haul all of her wedding essentials. I was pretty excited when people commented on her bag! Mel and I wanted to make sure we got a picture of her in it. The wonderful photographer, Christine, was nice enough to take some shots of her with the bag. I've shared it below. Also, if you are in the Saint Louis, Missouri area, check out and book with Christine. She is the best!

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